How To Add Remarketing to WordPress

How To Add Remarketing to WordPress

Supercharge Your Website Marketing with Remarketing

Remarketing is a powerful tool that allows you to display advertisements online exclusively to people who have previously visited your website. This article will show you step-by-step how to add Remarketing for AdWords to your WordPress website. The entire process can be completed in under five minutes. By adding Remarketing to your website marketing arsenal, you’ll be able to show relevant ads to people who visited certain pages of your website. This allows you to display a highly targeted advertisement to specific segments of your audience, and deliver them to a landing page and/or special offer that is relevant to their interest. Even if you’re not ready to begin your advertising campaign just yet, our recommendation is to add the AdWords Remarketing tag to your WordPress website as early as possible to begin building your Remarketing Lists.

1. Create or Login to Your AdWords Account

If you don’t have an account with AdWords, create one now. After following the initial Account Creation steps, you will see the screen below. Instead of following the steps to create your first campaign, skip down to the section titled “For Experienced Advertisers” and click “Start creating advanced campaigns. (click on each image in this tutorial to enlarge)

How to add Adwords remarketing tag to WordPress - Step 1

2. Click Shared Library

In the left column toward the bottom, click “Shared Library”

add remarketing to wordpress - step 2

3. Shared Library > Audiences

In the left column, under “Ads” click on “Audiences”.

AdWords remarketing to WordPress step 3

4. Click Set Up Remarketing

In the Audiences tab, you’ll see a small graphic explaining how remarketing works: People visit your website; Visitors are added to your remarketing lists; Show them your ads while they browse the web. Click the button titled “Set up remarketing”.

add remarketing to wordpress step 4

5. Acquiring The Remarketing Tag Code Snippet

After you click “Set up remarketing” in step 4 above, a dialog box will appear which allows you to “Email the tag and instructions” to add the remarketing tag to your website. Enter your own email address into the text field and click “Send and continue”. You don’t need to go open this email, we’ll copy the Code Snippet in Step 11.

add remarketing to wordpress - step 5

6. The All Visitors List

The second step of this dialog box is titled “Review lists”, and it explains that AdWords has already created a starter list titled “All visitors”. This list will start to build as soon as you add the Remarketing tag Code Snippet to your website and is a huge lifesaver for anyone who forgets to create a list. (no list = no one to view your Remarketing ads)
Click the button titled “Continue”.

7. Click Return to Audiences

Close the dialog box by clicking the button “Return to Audiences”

add Remarketing to wordpress  step 7

8. View Tag Details

You are now viewing the “Audiences Homepage” where you will create and view your Remarketing lists. In the upper right corner, click “View tag details”.

add remarketing to your wordpress website - step 8

9. Click Setup

In the “Remarketing tag” dialog box that appears, click “Setup” in the upper right corner.

add remarketing to wordpress - step 9

10. View The Remarketing Tag Code Snippet

In the center of the dialog box, click on the words “View remarketing tag and instructions”

add remarketing to wordpress -step 10

11. Copy Your Remarketing Tag Code Snippet

Using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts, COPY the entire code snippet.

add remarketing to wordpress - step 11

12. Adding The Code Through WordPress Editor

Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Hover over “Appearance” and click “Editor” from the list of options.

add remarketing to wordpress - step 12

13. Find Footer.php

The list on the far right contains all of the primary files of your WordPress theme. To be certain, check that your Theme Name is visible at the top and in the dropdown shown in the green rectangle in the image below. Find and click the file named “Footer.php”

add remarketing to wordpress step 13

14. Paste Remarketing Code Snippet

Scroll to the bottom of footer.php and place your cursor above the line that contains the closing body HTML tag as shown in the image below. PASTE the Remarketing code snippet here. If your paste function does not work, leave the WordPress Editor open and COPY the code snippet again. If you left your AdWords open in another tab, great! If not simply open a new browser tab and follow Steps 1-3, and 8-11 and copy the code again.

remarketing to wp step 14

15. Ensure All Code Has Been Added

After pasting the code snippet, verify that the final two lines of your pasted code are /div and /noscript.

add remarketing to wordpress step 15

16. Don’t Forget To Update Your File!

After verifying your code was pasted successfully, click the button underneath the editing window and click “Update File”.

add remarketing to wordpress step 16

17. Perform A Quick Spot Check

Now that we have added the Remarketing tag to the Footer, it should be on every page of your WordPress website. What I like to do is perform a quick spot check and make sure I can see it on my homepage and a blog post page. You can do the same by opening a new browser tab and navigating to your site’s homepage or a blog post and then follow these steps to view the HTML source code of the page:

add remarketing to wordpress step 17

Google Chrome

  1. Click the menu icon Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools, then View Source.

– or –

  • Press Ctrl+U (Windows) or ⌘-Option-U (Mac).


Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari

Review and follow the instructions provided by each browser:

After following the steps above, a new window will open displaying the source code. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you should see the Remarketing Code Snippet. Done!

verify remarketing tag has been added

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If you’ve made it this far, please take a moment to share this post – we would greatly appreciate it. Please comment below if you have any questions or to let us know if we’ve missed anything. To get started with building your first Remarketing campaign, visit this article on Search Engine Journal: Ultimate Guide to Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

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